Technical Skills

Beyond writing, I also work in many different programs as part of my day. I enjoy learning how to use a new piece of technology, whether I’m figuring it our for myself or taking training to do so.

Authoring Tools

I am proficient in Author-it and Adobe FrameMakes. As a technical writer, I’m used to jumping into programs feet first and figuring them out on my own, and I’m always looking for new opportunities to build my skillset.

Video & Audio

I’ve created videos from start to finish using Adobe Captivate to do the screen-capture and editing, Audacity to record the audio, and YouTube to upload the final product.

Project Skills
First Generation User Guide Author-it
Revised User Guide Adobe FrameMaker
Edited Video Adobe Captivate
Web Portfolio Design HTML
Adobe Photoshop


I’ve built basic websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. Although working with a client to design and build a website is very different from writing help documentation, I thoroughly enjoy the detail involved in coding, as well as the collaboration with my client.