Edited Video

Going beyond writing: recording voice-overs and editing training videos

After writing video scripts for these short, procedure-focused training videos, I used Adobe Captive and Audacity to bring them to life. I recorded the screen-capture video in the product, recorded the voice-over myself, and then edited them together with appropriate highlights and timing. Finally, I published them through YouTube, input the closed captions, and connected them to Oracle’s online help center.

If you’re interested in the writing process, check out my video script. For other example videos, check out the Oracle Help Center.

Voice-over Recording

To record a voice-over track for the short training videos, I had to find a balance between speaking too fast and too slow. Obviously, if the voice-over is too fast, users can’t follow the direction of the video. However, a slow voice-over might sound stilted and awkward. I worked within Audacity to remove background imperfections from my voice recording, creating a clean and well-paced voice-over track that invites users into the video.

Video Editing

User testing for the short training videos showed that users had a hard time remembering what to do when the voice-over played at the same time the video showed the action on the screen. To make each video as easy to follow as possible, I timed each action with the end of the spoken instruction, paused before the mouse clicked on a button, and highlighted the parts of the product the video discussed but didn’t click on. I recorded the screen-capture video and edited everything together in Adobe Captivate.