Web Portfolio Design

Building a modern web portfolio design with HTML and CSS

I researched and learned how to use HTML and CSS to build a simple website from scratch. My client’s goal was to sell herself as a Digital Content Developer, and we worked together to create a clean, modern portfolio that showcases her skills and abilities. This website gives potential employers the impression that she is flexible, creative, and organized.

View the full website here. I was not responsible for writing any content for the site.

The Design

Although the design is simple, I made several design decisions to improve the user experience of the site:

  • Drop-down menus in the main navigation bar give users can get an overall view of her areas of expertise, which is fairly wide-ranging.
  • Users can click on Projects for a summary of each type of project, or hover over Projects to select a specific one.
  • Section IDs on her Professional Experience page create a drop-down menu that allows users to see everything on her website at a glance from the homepage.
  • A contact box on each is easily visible, giving users a quick way to email her.