Video Script

Creating short, easy-to-follow scripts based on user research and cross-functional collaboration

Technical writers need to be able to adapt their writing style to different formats. In a mutlimodal age, users are looking for more than just written documentation. Short task-based procedural videos are a great alternative for people who prefer to learn visually. These videos also work well as training for new users.

Before beginning the script, I collaborated with the product manager to create a Mock Study Protocol. This protocol outlined all the information we needed to build a study. Each script included realistic examples from the protocol. These example give users a concrete understanding about how to use the product.

The user guide already contained procedures for each task, but I rewrote these to be spoken out loud. Based on user testing and feedback from our Services team, I included field descriptions and extended examples where they were most needed. In order to make sure the video is accessible to everyone, I wrote the scripts to include every button I clicked on, without creating a “click-stream” narration that would be repetitive for the average user.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the video creation process, check out my edited video.
Create a Kit Type
In this tutorial, you will see how to create a kit type and define the dispensation schedule in ClinicalOne.
To begin, click the Pencil button on a study.
Choose the Draft version of the study,
And go to Study Supplies.
Select Kits, and click Create Kit Type.
The Kit Type ID should be something short and easily recognizable,
And the Description can include the name of the investigational product and the dosage amount.
Select the Storage Temperature.
Under Distribution Settings, you might select Unblinded if your study is open-label or if all the subjects are receiving the same concomitant medication.
Choosing the Type will determine what graphic appears on the Kits tab.
Set the Units per Kit,
And finally, for the Minimum Units to Ship, consider how the units are packaged for shipping.
If each kit is a vial, and the vials are packaged in groups of six, then your minimum to ship is six.
Here, each topical ointment can be shipped separately, so the minimum to ship is 1.
Click Add, and you can see the details for kit type A, as well as a visual representing the type of kit.